Who Are We?

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At GLM & Investments, we create ROI's not REO's...

Trust Deed Investments & Annual Returns Over 10%

The key to investing in our business model is “underwriting great deals” and using rigorous underwriting discipline. As an example, we lend investor money at 65% combined LTV (loan-to-value) or less (that equals 35% equity protection or better) and we require complete documentation (a more disciplined, historic banking approach) to ensure our borrowers have the capacity to repay the loan and the character to make timely, monthly payments. We avoid “the chase” seen by many mortgage lenders, stretching for business with 95% or 100% LTV and underwriting standards inviting borrowers to lie – no doc, low doc and stated income loans.

As a result of our active due diligence and filtering system to find “great deals”, we have delivered:

        • 10% to 16% annual returns on investment
        • Timely, monthly fixed payments for all Investors
        • Fully collateralized and secured Investment
        • And…no loss of capital for any Investor...ever

About Good life Mortgage & Investments Inc.

Good Life Mortgage & InvestmentsI Inc., founded in 2003, provides real estate investments and post-investment portfolio management to our Private Investors with stable and consistent high-yielding returns from 10% to 16% on fully collateralized real estate in California. The advantages to our Investors are (1) added diversification to their current portfolio, (2) fixed, monthly interest income, and (3) investment capital fully collateralized and secured on attractive real estate properties along coastal California. These investments are considered collateralized loans and generally are repaid in 1 to 2 years.  We have two unique investment strategies which are producing different returns for Investors.

Since its inception, the firm has developed sound investment strategies in First and Second Trust Deeds and has placed its Investors in the sweet spot of prime California real estate. During this time, the firm has never lost capital to any Investor. This is a result of staying true to the firm's strict underwriting standards and disciplined investment philosophy.