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Investor Information

Cash Management – Keeping Investor Capital Safe

  • GLMI never touches the money.  We use trusted 3rd parties.
  • Investors wire funds directly to a Lawyers Escrow trust account for the benefit of the Investor.
  • Funds are transferred to Escrow to close a transaction based on instructions from the Investor.
  • After closing, all monies received (e.g., interest payments) are held in trust by a 3rd party loan servicing company and wired back to Lawyers Title  for future investing or directly wired to the Investor's bank account.

Portfolio Management – Performance Tracking

GLMI is not done when the loan is closed and funded.  We continue to monitor the investment, as well as offer the investor a 24 hour portfolio monitoring website with a secure login.
Bringing It Home

Our strategy is designed to achieve attractive risk-adjusted returns consistently by minimizing competition with other capital sources, while maximizing value through intensive management (selection of property, due diligence, underwriting, and portfolio management).



Investment Tools & Resources

GLMI is dedicated to guiding investors towards useful professional industry tools and private web access.

GLMI believes that one of the most important parts of investing is timely accurate information procurement and available communication with borrowers. This provides the GLMI active investor an advantage when evaluating an opportunity.

Please feel free to access these helpful investment tools,
compliments of GLM & Investments Inc.

Free Conference Call

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DataQuick’s top selling owner and property research tool, PropertyFinder, is used by real estate professionals, lenders and appraisers. PropertyFinderTM offers you time-saving features to locate properties or owners faster. Find detailed ownership information, including secondary owners, and obtain the real facts on a property.



County Records Research

County Records Research is the premier foreclosure resource for Daily Default, Trustee Sale and REO lists in both Southern California and Clark County, Nevada.

Our relationship with other industry leaders allows investors this subscription website provided by GLM & Investments. Active GLMI investors find up-to-the-minute information in detail, including room count, square feet, comparable sales, location maps and pictures. Most importantly, this website shows ALL loans* (see website disclaimer) against each property as well as which one is foreclosing.


Reverse Cell Phone Number

GLMI's active investors use this service to verify a borrower's addresses and phone numbers (personal and business) when reviewing an application for a loan request.

Search results include:
  • Owner name and address
  • Phone type - landlines or mobile
  • People search results
  • Household members
  • And more

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